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It's August already!?

Wow!! This year has been a whirlwind already! We have been touring, making a new music video, and making new music to share with our newest member, Nicholas Coffin on the drums!

If you haven't yet, check out our performance music video for Real Eyes!

Next up, we want to share with you our newest single, Knife Edge, which will be released on Friday, August 5th! Knife Edge is a fast paced solid rock song and our first recorded single with Nicholas Coffin behind the drums! Available on APPLE MUSIC & SPOTIFY !

We can't want to share our music video for Egyptian Knights, which will be coming out in September! We had a great time recording it and can't wait to share with you how everything came out! Catch a sneak peak image below...

This month we have 2 shows in Florida. One at the Brass Mug in Tampa on the 12th and one at Jack Rabbits in Jacksonville on the 14th! Both venues are killer and we are all looking forward to having an awesome time! Can't wait to see you there! Check out upcoming JETTER shows!

Keep checking back as we have more to come!



P.S. Sneak peak image below...




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Aug 15, 2022

I saw you guys at the brass mug on aug 12th. Deff new fan right here. You guys freaking rocked. 🤟🏻🖤 i was dancing my rocker heart out. I can't wait to see you guys again sometime. I'v been telling everyome about you guys. I love attending shows at the brass mug, always a blast. Love u guys xo

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