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Who knew you could fit so much mayhem into 3 days!!! We had an incredible time touring with AIRFORCE last weekend and have so many people to thank for coming out to enjoy the show and supporting the bands!

We want to thank all the amazing fans who came out! Some from very, very far away! You guys and gals keep LIVE music alive and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Of course we also want to thank the guys at AIRFORCE for flying across the pond to tour with us! There couldn’t be a better group of guys to play with… so all of us at JETTER want to thank AIRFORCE for teaming up with us here in the US!

We have to thank our bus driver for keeping everyone safe on this joint tour. The days were short, but we know the nights were often long, especially for him. So thank you Bob!

We also want to thank Kathy for being our mesmerizing merch girl and Rob for supporting AIRFORCE with merch and for taking some impromptu pictures of the bands!

Speaking of pictures, we need to give a shout out to Dale for staying sober enough to take some great photographs of the bands as well.. we know how hard that can be!

A huge thank you to our supporting acts Love Pit and The Insatiables for their support on this joint tour! You guys seriously rock! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

We of course have to thank Rockstar Lifestyle Magazine and Sonic Boom Promotions both for coming out and supporting both bands.

Lastly, we want to thank the fine folks at METALWORX LIVE, THE OCC, and The Brass Mug for hosting. Without places to play, we’d be back in our mom’s basement… and it smells like death down there,,, so from all of us THANK YOU!!!

... to relive some of the fun, check out the photos below.

For more fun with photos, make sure to follow us on our website, facebook, and Instagram.

Until next time ✌️🤟🤘

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